Sunday, 25 March 2012

Controversial New Book About Greeks Being First Settlers of New Zealand

A new 378-page book to be released this weekend is causing a series of debates on the issue of the first settlers of New Zealand.
According to the authors of the book, Maxwell C. Hill, Gary Cook and Noel Hilliam, “To the End of the Earth” reveals evidence that the Greeks, Egyptians and Spanish were the first to set foot on New Zealand, and not Captain James Cook and Abel Janszoon Tasman.
The book contains maps dating long before Christ, which depict the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, monuments, carvings, stone constructions and bones are prove that people of European origin had found New Zealand long before the Maori people from Polynesia.

The most important finding seems to be an ancient Greek celestial calendar carved on rock and called “Jesus Watch”, which was recently discovered in a Northland farm.
According to the book, there is also enough evidence to reject the theory of a god-sent explorer of the Maori, but instead actually an Egyptian navigator named Maui, who led a fleet of Greek ships to New Zealand. This information is supported with references to the work of US Harvard Professor Barry Fell.
However, the credibility of the book is being questioned by other scholars, since its authors have no previous historical, anthropological or related qualifications and experience.

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