Sunday, 25 March 2012

Monica Bellucci May Participate in the Athenian Marathon of 2013 According to New Information

Greeks want Monica Bellucci to be the leading personality of the Marathon and the cultural events planned for 2013.
The 44-year-old Italian actress has been approached by the organizers of the Athenian Marathon and the Greek UNESCO Office, who asked her to be the leading figure of the campaign promoting that major athletic and cultural event, according to recent information.
«She is a woman-symbol for all of Europe and that’s why we want her. Is there anyone in this world that does nota admire such a beautiful woman?”, say the organizers.
The attractive Italian actress is said to be positive about the whole effort due to its cultural nature, and of course, because of the love she has for Greece.
So it’s not unlikely that she will say “Yes”, an outcome which will greatly benefit the promotion of the event. The organizers seem to expect record participation and Bellucci is the one to make it happen.

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