Sunday, 26 May 2013

Naomi Klein to speak in Athens

Shock Doctrine author and activist to speak at political festival on Saturday

Naomi Klein (Reuters) Among the speakers at B-Fest, billed as an 'antiauthoritarian festival', will be Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein, American literary theorist and political philosopher Michael Hardt, Mohawk community activist Clifton Nicholas and digital activism expert Sky Croeser
Naomi Klein (Reuters) Canadian author, journalist and activist Naomi Klein will speak in Athens on Saturday May 25, in her first visit to Europe since the crisis hit.
At 9pm, she will speak at the three-day B-Fest, billed as an "antiauthoritarian festival", at Panepistimioupoli (Oulof Palme Ave entrance) in Zografou.
At 6pm, Klein gave an interview to Radiobubble, an Athens-based independent media initiative (listen to recording here).

Earlier, from 3pm to 4pm, she appeared at Public bookstore, on Syntamga Square, to sign copies of her books.
Klein has attracted a considerable following in Greece, where the Greek translation of her book The Shock Doctrine was in the bestsellers list for months, reflecting the popularity of the book worldwide.
Described as "the master narrative of our time", the book argues that business interests and powerful nations exploit shocks in the form of natural disasters, economic problems, or political turmoil, as an opportunity to aggressively restructure the economies of vulnerable countries’.
She argues that because neoliberal policies are harmful to the majority of citizens, they cannot be implemented without a shock, ranging from media-hyped anxiety to police torture, that squashes popular resistance.
In April, Klein gave an exclusive interview to Lynn Edmonds for EnetEnglish on how she believes the shock doctrine relates to Greece today.
Michael Hardt, the American literary theorist and political philosopher best known for his book Empire, which was co-authored with Antonio Negri, will also address the festival, via Skype.
Also speaking will be Clifton Nicholas, a Mohawk community activist from Kanehsatake (Oka), in Quebec, Canada.
Sky Croeser, a lecturer in internet studies at Curtin University, Australia, will also speak. Her research has looked at how social movements are engaging in struggles over knowledge in the information age.

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