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“War” between SYRIZA and Public Order Minister over Terrorism

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“War” between SYRIZA and Public Order Minister over TerrorismA new round of angry dispute broke out between main opposition party SYRIZA and the Minister for Citizen Protection and Public Order, Corfiot Nikos Dendias (Nea Dimocratia), when the latter brought up new allegations linking the left-wing party with phenomena of a smooth form of terrorism.
During a meeting of the parliamentary committee on Greek police reforms, SYRIZA MPs left the session demanding the resignation of the minister.
SYRIZA MPs Lafazanis described Dendias as “provocateur” and asked him to resign saying “He has to resign immediately when he says that we are terrorists.”
Lafazanis: “The Minister of Public Order should be more careful and diffuse the political atmosphere rather than firing baseless accusations. He can’t play the role of provocateurs on the shoulders of main opposition party and the justice.”

Speaking on the issue of terrorism Dendias had claimed that certain political wings and directly SYRIZA show understanding towards the phenomenon and tolerate terrorism of smooth kind.
 Dendias replied ot Lafazanis: “I have been accused to operate as a provocateur against the Justice because I talked about blindness towards terrorism. I insist.
Yesterday Dendias had sharply criticized the Greek Justice for having released two suspects of participation at urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire before they went on trial. Both have disappeared ever since.
Dendias accused SYRIZA for criticizing him for having ..criticized the Justice.
The dispute continued with another SYRIZA MP, Panagoulis, claiming that Dendias does not have the skills even for “the post of a rural constable to [remote] island of Othonoi, how much more for the post of the Minister of Public Order.”
Dendias complained to be the target of some SYRIZA officials through the anarchists’ website Indymedia, who apparently claim that he was a member of extreme nationalist party ENEK. A point of view apparently accepted also by SYRIZA MP Papadimoulis.
On Monday night, SYRIZA MP Voutsis left a live debate panel on private Mega TV  demanding Dendias resignation, when the Minister  claimed that “SYRIZA is in transition to legality and it caress the terrorists with its policies.”
BTW: During the parliamentary committee meeting Nikos Dendias proposed the merger of Ministries of Public Order and the Justice.
PS From what we know so far, there are certain SYRIZA MPs and party officials who support more radical policies according to what they said publicly. However I can’t help but to see with a kind of suspicion the ND campaign to link “SYRIZA to terrorism” in the eyes of the public especially when the left-wing is in public opinion surveys and will be during the next elections the main challenger of Nea Dimocratia. Whether the next parliamentary elections will take place in 2016 or earlier.
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