Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ilias Iliadis Wins Bronze Olympic Medal in Judo


The Greek Olympic mission in London is celebrating its first medal won by Ilias Iliadis in Judo.
Iliadis won the bronze medal in the men’s 90 kg judo category just minutes earlier on Wednesday. The Greek Judoka defeated his Brazilian opponent Tiago Camilo by yuko and climbed up to the bronze podium joined by Japanese judoka Masashi Nishiyama, who beat his Russian opponent Kirill Denisov.
“Congratulations to the lad that won the very first medal for Greece in the London Games” commented the Greek deputy Minister for Sports Yiannis Ioannidis.
The Greek athlete, who had won gold at the Olympic Games in Athens, was defeated by Russian Denisov and lost his chance of competing for gold, but won the Australian Anthony by ippon and the Brazilian Camilo by yuko and conquered the third place in the Olympics Judo podium.

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