Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hollywood Producers Gave €1,000 to Swimmers to Leave Kalamos Island in Lefkada to Shoot New Film

Kalamos is a small island opposite to Lefkada. Its natural beauty apparently attracted some Hollywood producers, who chose Kalamos to shoot their new film.
According to local website, a luxurious yacht approached one of Kalamos’ desolated beaches and some people came closer to local swimmers to make a deal with them. They offered them as well as some campers a large amount of money to leave the beach for a whole day.
More specifically, they gave them each 1,000 euros but also 100 euros to those lucky ones who passed by the beach on their boats by chance and wanted to casually stop by. The shooting crew told them that they are filming a new Hollywood film but did not give any further details. Some of them assumed, however, that they might be shooting a new movie based on Homer’s “Odyssey.”

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