Friday, 10 August 2012

Former drugs baron claims 60% of athletes are doping

From: ESPN

Victor Conte claims six out of ten athletes are using drugs © PA Photos
Victor Conte says it is easy for cheats to prosper at London 2012 and claims six out of ten athletes are using drugs.
Conte, the convicted owner of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) that supplied drugs to the likes of Dwain Chambers and Marion Jones, dismissed the drug-testing programme at London 2012 as irrelevant.
Conte, who is in London offering training programmes and nutritional support to American athletes including sprinter Ryan Bailey and boxer Marlen Esparza, also claimed to know of a number of athletes "using the Dwain Chambers protocol" - referring to a cocktail of seven drugs he supplied the British sprinter.
"It's basically propaganda to come out and say this is the most expensively tested Games ever and 'we're doing 6000 tests,' " Conte told the Times.
"If you test positive at the Olympics, that is more of an IQ test. Athletes won't do that. You have to put your hook and line in the water when the fish are biting and that was nine months ago. Is it easy to use drugs and benefit during [the] Olympics? Yes."

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