Saturday, 28 July 2012

German Politicians Spend Vacation on Greek Islands

The two countries might not be getting along so well on a political or/and financial level, but German politicians chose Greek islands to spend their summer vacations, probably in an effort to show that Germany is standing by Greece.
Representatives of the German Parliament traveled to Naxos, Myconos and Paros. The German newspaper Deutsche Welle reported that as soon as she learned that tourist mobility in our country has declined by 50%, Green Party parliamentarian Beate Müller-Gemmeke decided to opt for a Greek destination for her summer holidays.
That’s also the reason why Die Linke parliamentarian Richard Pitterle will be flying with his family to the Greek island of Crete in August. But he doesn’t just want to support tourism in the country – the nation’s most important source of income. He would also like to speak to Greeks on the island and through his presence show that “we haven’t written you off.”

The acting Chairwoman of the CDU fraction in Baden-Württemberg, Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch already returned from her Greek summer holidays. Together with members of her extended family – her husband, their three children and their partners, and four grandchildren – she returned from her vacation in Corfu. The family wanted to show that there is no reason for holidaymakers to avoid traveling to Greece.
FDP parliamentarian Erik Schwenkert announced he and his family will be flying to the Greek island of Cos at the end of July. Schwenkert said he hoped to counter the accusation, often heard in Germany, that politicians are only willing to transfer taxpayer’s money to other countries. By taking his vacation in Greece, Schwenkert wants to prove that German politicians are also willing to reach into their own pockets to support Greece.
The Berlin SPD parliamentarian Mechthild Rawert will visit the island of Thasos. Just like last year, Rawert will travel to the Greek island together with all her colleagues in October.
The acting chairwoman of the CDU parliamentary fraction Ingrid Fischbach also wants to make her own personal gesture by traveling to the Greek island of Rhodes with her daughter. She wants to send a strong message, that “We stand by you, we like to come here and if it is good then we’ll back again next year.”
Naturally, Richard Pitterle and all the other politicians traveling to Greece want to relax, maybe take a swim, read a good book and enjoy some good Greek cuisine.

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