Friday, 29 June 2012

Romano Prodi - All Of Europe Should Negotiate For Greece - "We Are All Greek"

Greece should not renegotiate its bailout agreement on its own, but all of us should negotiate for Greece, we are all Greeks, said former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi in an interview to the online television channel Abe.
He warned that the Greeks are way beyond the poverty line with the present policies, and soon all of Europe will become like Greece if action is not taken immediately.
At the same time declared that Greece might have cheated with the financial figures in the past but now the country has done everything it can to align itself with other EU economic. Prodi also stressed that the EU now needs a common principle and a policy of solidarity for all its nations.
Prodi said that the summit in Brussels will be decisive and he expressed the optimism that a long-term solution will be found. Concerning the "southern front", otherwise known as the PIIGS, he replied that the idea to divide the Eurozone into a north and south, and toy with their policies as if they were puppets, is definitely not a good idea.

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