Monday, 11 June 2012

Man Asks £500,000 to Reveal What Happened to Toddler Who Disappeared 20 Years Ago on Kos Island

Ben Needham was a British toddler who disappeared on the Greek island of Kos more than 20 years ago. Now, a man claims he knows what happened to the boy but is asking his mother £500,000 to reveal the facts behind his disappearance.
Twenty-one-month-old Ben disappeared on July 1991, while the British family was on Kos to visit their grandparents’ renovated farmhouse. His mother, Kerry Grist from South Yorkshire, announced on June 6th that Greek private investigators sent her a message via her Facebook website informing her that a man was asking this considerable sum to provide her with information about her son’s disappearance.
The man apparently had realized that Mrs Grist had offered £500,000 at the start of the case for any useful information on the case;  however, he needed to be sure that the she would still honor the terms of the reward. When she replied that the money was not still available, he messaged her that he would not reveal the information.

Ben’s mother told the Telegraph paper that, ” I felt as if the man was trying to blackmail my family and trying to make me put a price on my son’s life.”
Greek laws prohibit the detective agency from revealing the man’s identity however. As a result, the Labour MP for Sheffield Hillsborough, Angela Smith, has asked David Lidington, Minister for Europe, to intervene in the case.
Mrs Smith commented with regards to this scheme of possible blackmail that Greek authorities should, without any intervention, re-open the case and find out the man’s identity to see whether his evidence is plausible.
Ben’s mother has believed all this time  that someone had kidnapped her son and that  he is still alive.  Now, however,  she assumes that he may have been buried under the ruins of a building as a result of a fatal accident.
All these years the Greek police have not managed to solve this regrettable mystery as there have been many possible speculations surrounding Ben’s disappearance.

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