Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Greece Blocks FYROM Cars To Greece Because Of Provocative License Plates

The initiative to issue new automobile license plates in FYROM with the initials "MK" (or 'Macedonia') are upsetting many FYROManians who want to enter into Greece since they are denied from entering our country at the boarder from customs authorities.

According to
news reports, border officials at Nike, Evzones and Dojran crossings have targetted all automobiles with these provocative license plates and are not allowing FYROManians from entering into Greece because they are a direct violation of the 1996 Interim Agreement between Greece and FYROM. 

This is aggravating FYROManian tourists who want to visit Greece for their summer holidays... but when you disrespect the law... you have to face the consequences. (Article in Greek on

This is not the first time FYROM has breached the 1996 Interim Agreement.

FYROM President Ivanov hosting talks with the Vergina flag, which took place in his own office

In official events like the anniversary of the death of Nikola Karev, the Sun of Vergina can be seen on a plaque in the background

The now infamous photograph of the Prime Minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski placing a wreath in front of an irredentist map of a ‘United Macedonia’ 

The Vergina Sun present yet again at official government sponsored festivals

The Foreign Minister of FYROM Antonio Milososki with his son waving the Vergina Flag at a FYROM basketball game

 The former Mayor of FYROM with the official FYROM basketball team and what is that in the background? E?
All the photographs are strong evidence on the continuous violation of the leadership in FYROM against the set conditions of Interim Agreement. These violations allow Greece to terminate the agreement at any time (which Greece has not out of good faith), as the agreement clearly states abstinence from all forms of propaganda and requires on-going negotiations on the naming dispute. Quite clearly, violations as shown above taint FYROM’s attempt to be seen as a progressive, mature country that is ready for EU and NATO accession.


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  2. Vardar Banovina, the true name of FYROM
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