Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The New Greek Muse of Giorgio Armani

Tall, astonishing, with a strong command of the catwalk, it is obvious why Andreani Tsafou has deeply impressed top fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The Italian designer chose her among dozens of models for the runway during the Fashion Week that took place in Milan a while ago.
Greek models have become a “must” for Italian showbiz lately. Ria Antoniou has overwhelmed the Italian audience with her intense presence in “Dancing With the Stars” and now Andreani Tsafou walked on the runway wearing Armani pieces after she impressed the worldwide class designer.
The famous model recently returned from Milan carrying a suitcase full of new experiences and great memories; Andreani is making her career steps abroad, although “Greece will remain [her] “port”. I love it, I believe in it and I’m proud to be Greek” she admits.
(Source: Espresso)

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