Friday, 30 September 2011

Extension until the 6th of October for the payment of the special tax

Concerning the first installment...

Nearly a week’s extension in the time to pay the first installment of the solidarity surcharge, the trade tax and the tax of luxury living, was announced by the Finance Ministry.

Under the decision signed by the Secretary General of Tax and Customs Affairs Mr. Yiannis Kapeleris, taxpayers have the ability to pay the levy until October 6th.

The extension to pay the first installment of the “triple tax statement” was expected since the task of sending out just 2.3 million related notes has been completed until now. This may have been the first –and largest- lot of tax slips sent out from which the government hopes to accrue 1.6 billion, hoping to boost budget revenues in the coming crucial months, but the clearance of around 1.5 million tax statements from which tens –if not hundreds- of new slips will have to be sent out.

It is noteworthy that the levy may be paid in local tax offices but also in banks, in six equal monthly installments, while the Ministry clarified that the extension provided to debtors gives them either a deduction if a single payment is made, or the avoidance of the imposition of a fine for the payment of the first installment.

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