Thursday, 1 August 2013

Greece always good for a laughter: on lowering V.A.T. in catering

Greece always good for a laughter: on lowering V.A.T. in cateringI openly confess: despite the non-sstop austerity measures, the tax hikes and the strict income decreases that make living unbearable, Greece never stops from triggering a loud, healthy laughter. Maybe the government does it on purpose… you know… for psychological reasons. To make us laugh and forget our misery for a while.
The latest joke concerns the lowering of Value Added Tax on catering and entertainment facilities like restuarants etc. From 23% down to 13%. A promise of PM Samaras before the elections of June 2012.
Two days before the implementation of the low V.A.T on August 1st, the Greek Finance Ministry issued a circular stating where and how the V.A.T. has to be lowered from 23% down to 13%.
Alcoholic drinks will still have 23% V.A.T.
Beverages: water, juice, ready drinks (like coffee) will be charged with 13% if they are served and consumed at the shop. If they are delivered at home, bought for take away or at the super market, they will be charged with 23%.

Pizza, suvlaki etc will keep the 13% if in home delivery.
Real Paranoia in Hotels
If drinks are ordered via the Room Service, V.A.T. is 13%. But if drinks are consumed directly from the mini bar, V.A.T. is 23%.
There is a whole list concerning travel packages, but I am really unable to translate it as laughter tears blur my sight.
The sad thing is that this insanity from which we will have a profit of 0.10 euro for a suvlaki,  we, the tax payers, will have to pay with “equivalent austerity measures.”

PS for one more time, I have the suspicion that there is a permanent sabotage in the Greek Finance Ministry offices and somebody pours liters of suspicious liquids in their coffee. I have no other logical epxlanation.
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