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Greek PM Samaras announces lowering of V.A.T. via incredible ops! video

Greek PM Samaras announces lowering of V.A.T. via incredible ops! video
Greeks were literally stunned on Wednesday to hear prime minister Antonis Samaras speaking on television. No, they didn’t stun to hear that the Value Added Tax in catering will be lowered from 23% down to 13% as of 1. Agust 2013.
They were stunned to hear the prime minister saying in a pre-recorded video “Fuck my head, malaka!”
Video: live from skai tv  (anchorwoman says “it was the official statement of Antonis Samaras”, while actor Kostas Voutsas -in the middle of the panel- stuns formally speechless with mouth open)
It was the first attempt of Samaras to announce the V.A.T. lowering. The Prime Minister’s statement began, but a few seconds later the Prime Minister’s tongue slipped over some words. Samaras stopped speaking and moved away from the camera saying “I have to say it again”. While he was walking away he spoke out the fatal sentance: “Fuck my head, wanker!”
The videotaped message that was on air on all television screens was cut on air.
It was a very human moment of the prime minister who confirmed in front of millions of Greeks that he also is able to use the most popular Greek word: “malakas”.

However, it is an unacceptable mistake committeed by his communication team first of all and also the photography director:  to release the taped address to the public, without former editing.
I guess, at least one but most likely more if not all those present at the filming were dozing away, while Samaras was speaking. Probably the whole team of advisers & co.
Samaras videotaped statement, whole 5:12 minutes, was distributed to private television channels by the office of the prime minister.
No matter how important Samaras’ statement, not matter how quickly it had to go  ‘on air’, such mistakes are unacceptable.
Unfortunately the most successful attachment of Samaras to persuade the Troika to agree on lowering the V.A.T. was crowned with an unprecedented gaffe.
No. The camera crew wasn’t from public broadcaster ERT that was shut down on June 11th 2013.
PS Guess what is the most trending Twitter hashtag of the day…
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