Friday, 7 June 2013

Prince Harry’s RAF Search & Rescue helicopter in Kefalonia

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Prince Harry’s RAF Search & Rescue helicopter in Kefalonia“Prince Harry from the British Royal family, a helicopter pilot with the RAF search and rescue visited the island of Kefalonia at the Ionian Sea. A short stop for refuelling at the airport of the island.” The news was submitted to KTG by our British colleagues from Zante Radio on Friday.
Another Brit, Peter Lee, a pilot, posted on Zante Informer/Radio Facebook page that “the visit was kept utterly secret until the helicopter had departed,” for obvious security reasons.
According to local the helicopters were two. They landed at Kefalonia airport on Thursday.
more exclusive pictures: KefaloniaPress
It is not known, where the helicopter came from and where it was heading to.

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