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WOOLWICH, WESTMINSTER, & WILD HEADLINES: What a way to run a country

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woolwichfpsWouldn’t it be good to see language like this being used about Britain’s child care system?


Sickening, deluded, unforgivable

You will never be safe

Evil face of terror

Much play being made in these headlines about an eye for an eye and other equally stone-age concepts. So getting down on all fours to their level, let me just sum up what we have here: one dead squaddie and two braindead fanatics are more important news than 35% of kids passing through the care system – 10,000 or thereabouts – who disappeared last year….while one of the biggest fostering agencies in the land upped its profits by 35%….for the third year in a row.
A unsuspecting bloke hacked to death in a London street purely for serving his country is a cause for outrage. It is not a cause for unrelenting use of the words ‘act of terror’, or for berks like Con Coughlin to call it ‘classic Al Quaeda tactics’, or for Theresa May to adopt the sort of voice suggesting a massive national tragedy, or for Cameron to milk it and dash back to the UK, or even for COBRA to meet.
Violent death on the streets of Woolwich is not that unusual any more. Perhaps some of the pc fluffies could help us understand why.
But the unexplained disappearance of 10,000 vulnerable children from our increasingly privatised care home and fostering services is so normal, apparently, it goes entirely unremarked by all except those of us who see it for what it is: a disgraceful stain being covered by a media cushion stuffed with bollocks.
A senselessly dead soldier and 10,000 scared kids. These two news items have one overriding thing in common: they are the direct result of stupid political policies.
The Woolwich victim is dead because we backed an illegal war by perverting the course of British Constitutional process.
The 10,000 kids are missing because long-term social policy and Stalinist Nannyism from the Left – combined with the short term uncaring and secretive approach of a Right with something to hide – has put social jobs and private profits ahead of terrified children.
The Westminster Establishment is a pointless, selfish, mendacious spectrum of puffed-up boobies that excels itself at breaking every unwritten spirit in our Constitution, but cannot organise for its child citizens to be safe from a tiny minority of cunning psychopaths.
It is reaping what it has sown. Trust me, there is far worse to come than this. 

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