Friday, 29 March 2013

US “Chobani” loses court case in UK – Sorry, you’re not …Greek yogurt

US “Chobani” loses court case in UK – Sorry, you’re not …Greek yogurtPosted by in Very Mix
US yogurt producer Chobani has lost a court case in the UK over the “misleading” labeling of its Greek yogurts.
Following a seven-day trial, which was initiated by a complaint from Greek rival Fage, Chobani was told by a High Court judge that the labeling on its product was “confusing” for UK consumers.
Mr Justice Briggs granted a permanent injunction and said Fage had succeeded in its claim to “restrain Chobani from passing off its American-made yogurt in England and Wales under the description Greek yogurt”.
Fage, which produces Total Greek yogurt, had claimed buyers of “thick and creamy” yogurt generally believed Greek yogurt came from Greece and that it mattered to consumers that it was made in Greece.

By contrast, Chobani’s primary case was that the description Greek yogurt denoted “no clearly identified distinctive class” in the minds of the yogurt buying public.
Chobani had started selling and promoting its Greek yogurt in the UK in September last year, until an interim injunction was implemented following Fage’s complaint in November.
Chobani did not return a request for comment at the time of going to press. (via,

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  1. Bravo and phew! and perdition to the cynical likes of Chobani who sank as low as one can get in the deception stakes and I hope will be monitored and brought to justice again and again. These types never just do it once, they have no feelings. To try to pass off their wares as Greek - no lower behaviour.