Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Merkel sends Otto Rehhagel to Athens to encourage Greeks

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Merkel sends Otto Rehhagel to Athens to encourage GreeksFormer coach of Greek National Football team, German Otto Rehhagel, is due to Athens in a good will mission. To help improve the crisis- and austerity-hit German-Greek relations, to boost tourism and to encourage Greeks.
According to tabloid BILD newspaper, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has assigned Rehhagel with the mission to improve the relations of the two countries and encourage tourism in Greece.
End of March Otto Rehhagel will travel to Athens for a three-day visit, where he is expected to meet with president Karolos Papoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.
Rehhagel confirmed the plan and told BILD:

“I was approached on this issue by our Chancellor Merkel. Also the president of German Football Association asked me to help. and I like to do it. Because I know, my name has a positive image in Greece. After all, we won the European Championship in 2004. Nobody believed we could do it but we did. Therefore I would like to encourage my Greek friends.
BTW: Otto Rehhagel had apparently an unpaid bill to Greek tax office: 40,000 euro income tax from the times he was offering his service to Greek National Football team. Last month, Proto Thema reported that the Greek Finance Ministry sent an info notice through the German authorities. and that Rehhagel immediately paid the outstanding debt.
 PS Nice ‘moral’ gesture on Merkel’s part, but more than ‘courage’ we need a relief from the burden of the extra taxes. More practical, at any case.

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