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Greek saves Turkish granny, child and young man from fire in Germany

Greek saves Turkish granny, child and young man from fire in Germany

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A Greek citizen was able to save three people after being the first to notice the fire that killed eight Turks in Germany on March 10, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said on Monday.  “A Greek citizen saw the fire around 4:30 a.m. when it was first sparked and called the police and the fire department. He then stepped into the fire and saved three people, the grandmother and two children,” Bozdağ said. The man, Christos Kiroglou, is the manager of a nightclub located at the back of the building where the blaze occurred.
Seyfettin Soykan, the uncle of the children, said Kiroglou broke down the door and the mother was able to escape. However, she re-entered the room to save her 6-month-old baby and died of suffocation.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, a fire broke out in the apartment of the Turksh family in Backnang village near Stuttgart in southwestern Germany. The mother,40, and seven of her ten children found tragic death in the flames. The children were between 6 months and 16 years old.
Christos Kiroglou managed to save a 11-year-old boy, the grandmother of the family and a young uncle.
While there were intitially suspicion on a possible xenophobic motivated arson attack, according to German media, police suspects rather a technical defects in the electricitycables of the apartment.

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