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Greek adventure Kimolos: Stunning Ferry Docking by 9 Beaufort (video)

Greek adventure Kimolos: Stunning Ferry Docking by 9 Beaufort (video)

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The 25th of March 2013 was an incredible adventure for passengers, dock workers, lorry driver and the captain of Adamantios Korais ferry who tried to dock at the port -?- of Kimolos by 9 Beaufort.
Only the handy coordination and the skilled efforts by captain and dock workers managed the impossible: to dock the ferry against all sea odds: by 9 Beaufort. And have all cars sand people safely get in and out of the ferry even if with wet feet.
The amazing video shows in the most stunning way the dangerous conditions under which ships, personnel and passengers try to deal with the most inappropriate ports of some Greek islands, like the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea. Not very far away from the Greek capital – just 87 nautical miles away from Piraeus port.
Video: Bravo to ferry staff and dock workers – and, of course, to footage shooter

Despite the adverse conditions ships are the oxygen for these islands as they transport food, medicine and other products crucial for the inhabitants survival.
PS I wonder whether no EU Regional Funds ever reached the island of Kimolos for a proper infrastructure – before the economic crisis.

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