Thursday, 14 February 2013

Varoufakis: Olli Rehn “an illiterate, yellow, 3rd category understrapper”

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Varoufakis: Olli Rehn “an illiterate, yellow, 3rd category understrapper”Well-known Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis attacked EU commissioner Olli Rehn, who refused a renegotiation of the Greek austerity program after the IMF officially admitted wrong calculations and false fiscal multipliers.
“The mistake was done on purpose. It wasn’t an accounting error of the IMF, it was a political decision,” Varoufakis told a magazine program of private ANT1 TV.  “They forced the economists to lie about it… this illiterate, yellow understrapper does not admit the error, because in that case an immediate huge haircut of the Greek debt should be done.”
“As third category understrapper, he [Rehn] gets his orders and is obliged to deny the IMF mistake. And he denies it,” Varoufakis stressed about Olli Rehn.

“Greece now has a primary surplus. The country can finally say to Mr Rehn that we will not take the next bailout tranche, if you do not want to change the multiplier, if the Memorandum is not revised,” Varoufakis underlined noting that this would be a threat to Greece’s lenders.
“We destroyed lives so we can have a primary surplus. We must use this as a trump card against Olli Rehn and Angela Merkel. Rehn and Draghi were willing to step back. But if we don’t threaten them, we’ll get nothing,” Varoufakis concluded.

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