Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Greek supermarket chain withdraws frozen meals on suspicion of horsemeat

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Greek supermarket chain withdraws frozen meals on suspicion of horsemeatSupermarket chain Carrefour/Marinopoulos removed two products from its deep fridges on suspicion they contain horse meat. The products “Lasagna Bolognese” Carefour, 1kilo and “Cannelloni Bolognese” Carrefour, 600 gr have been manufacturing internationally on behalf of Carrefour by French Comigel.
“ French food firm Comigel manufactures the Findus lasagnes found to contain up to 100% horsemeat. The company specialises in frozen ready meals, a third of which are exported.
Comigel, based in the north-eastern town of Metz, supplies tens of thousands of tonnes of frozen meals to about 15 countries.” (guardian)
Carrefour/marinopoulos withdrew the two products after recommendation of Greek Food Control authority, EFET.
Even though horse meat eating a taboo in many countries, consuming horse meat is not dangerous for public health. However, as it is not known whether the illegal traded horse meat has undergone health controls and whether it contains antibiotika and painkillers suitable for horses but not for humans.
Healthy or unhealthy, the use of horse meat in products sold to contain beef-meat is at least misleading consumers.
Carrefour lasagne and cannelloni are currently undergoing DNA tests. The total amount of these products distributed in Greece is yet to be revealed. EFET is reassuring.

picture via EFET

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