Monday, 10 December 2012

Athens: “Hungry But Chic” – Kookai slogan challenges unpaid workers & starving Greeks

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A genius slogan or an unfortunate inspiration? Kookai’s slogan “Hungry but chic” is being displayed on the windows of Fokas stores at Ermou street, Athens main shopping street. Consumers walk up and down the street, devoted at window shopping as austerity, recession and unemployment have swallowed their money. Just a couple meters away from the store beggars extend their hand, whereas at night homeless make themselves ‘comfortable’ at wind protected niches.

 The biggest irony of all, is that Fokas stores recently submitted application for Article 99 of the Greek bankruptcy code. With its employees being unpaid since last July.
 The slogan would be much more appropriate, if it would read “hungry workers at chic stores”.
Provocative slogans as OK, as long as Kookai gives its chic products to the hungry for free
PS I have my wish-list ready in case Kookai wants to send me a blouse, a jacket or a pair of trousers.

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