Monday, 26 November 2012

Public Opinion Survey: Syriza 23.5%, ND 19%, Golden Dawn 12%…

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Public Opinion Survey: Syriza 23.5%, ND 19%, Golden Dawn 12%…Main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA leads in the latest public opinion survey, conducted by Puls for newspaper “6 Meres” (6 Days). Samaras party Nea Dimocratia, and his coalition partners PASOK and Democratic Left are on a falling trend, with SYRIZA and Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) to profit from these loses.
In the question about vote intention, respondents answered:
23.5% SYRIZA
19% Nea Dimocratia
12% Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn)
6.5% Independent Greeks (ANEL)
5% KKE
3.5% Democratic Left. (DIMAR)

10.5% said they would not vote, while those undecided are 8.5%.

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  1. There is a Marxist policy of population replacement all across Europe, many cities now resemble the third world, where the indigenous population are being pushed out and replaced by foreigners, mostly third world people, this policy is celebrated by politicians and any dissenters are arrested and charged with so called hate crimes.

    The reality of the failure of these artificially created societies is kept from the people through a complicit media and state and media intimidation of truth tellers, although the internet has woken up many people. It’s the indigenous population that face persecution, inequality, oppression, and left wing hate and tyranny. Many immigrants know their elevated status and take full advantage of it, rubbing it in the noses of the indigenous population, which causes greater anger and resentment and a deeper fracturing of society.

    These Marxist do not hide their genocide agenda, one very senior front bench politician of the last far left Labour administration in the UK stated that ‘the British as a race aren’t worth saving’. Others stating that they have no problem with there being no indigenous people in Europe in the future, and that is one purpose of mass immigration, there are many others.

    Golden Dawn know all this full well and are fighting to secure their nation for their people, demonising them with the old tired and desperate Nazi and fascist label doesn’t wash anymore, they’re fighting for the continued existence of their people, identity, heritage, and culture, and doing so the only way they can because they know their political parties do not serve them, to hate them for doing this makes you the racist and a supporter of genocide.