Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Costa Coffee to Close its Shops in Greece

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Costa Coffee to Close its Shops in GreeceCosta Coffee, the well-known British company puts the padlock to its ten coffee shops in Greece. According to economic news portal, the Greek representative ”The Greek Coffee Company SA” will close its shops in several suburbs of the Athens including those in downtown.
Company representatives confirmed to that the project was not sustainable anymore despite efforts to continue the operation. The Costa Coffee shops started to operate in Greece since. 2007.
PS It looks that Costa Coffee did not drop its prices for coffee lovers suffering under the harsh economic crisis. I read of prices of 3.50 euro for a freddo espresso to go. When meanwhile the Greek competition sells all kinds of coffee to go for one euro. I wonder if Starbucks made some price decreases. It’s austerity time, guys!

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