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Alexis en Barcelona: Tsipras Addresses Independence-Seeking Catalans in Spanish

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Alexis en Barcelona: Tsipras Addresses Independence-Seeking Catalans in Spanish (video)Alexis Tsipras, leader of main opposition party SYRIZA paid a visit to Barcelona, invited by the Spanish United Left to attend their pre-election campaign. Tsipras took the change to express support to the independence-seeking Catalans and spoke to them in Spanish.

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“ Greece’s problems are our problems, I want to give many thanks to Alexis giving hope to Europe. Alexis, you got the word, “said Joan Herrera candidate of the left party in Catalan elections.
Tsipras in Spanish:
“Thank you very much. Those who say that there is no alternative solution are wrong. There is. All the people of Europe are the alternative [solution]. The waking is the alternative, “said Alexis Tsipras in front of an audience, enthusiastic to hear him speak Spanish.

The leader of the Greek opposition launched a offensive against the Troika of the memorandums and loan agreements and against German Chancellor Angela Merkel, amid cheers of the audience who chanted «Alexis … Alexis».
However as the Greek media reported about Tsipras in Barcelona with titles claiming that Alexis Tsipras “supports the independence of Catalonia” SYRIZA issued an angry statement describing these claims as ”brazenly lies of the intermingling journalism in Greece, that SYRIZA supported the secession forces of Catalonia because Alexis Tsipras appeared at the meeting of  “Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds-Esquerra Unida i Alternativa – ICV- EUiA” (Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United Left).
This weekend the Spanish region of Catalonia will vote in elections which are widely seen as a referendum on the desire for it to split from Spain.

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