Friday, 7 September 2012

VPRC Poll - Shows Support For Golden Dawn Rising Even More (Charts)

The popularity of the coalition government of Antonis Samaras is deteriorating daily, while support for the far-right Golden Dawn party is rising! In yet another poll by VPRC which was published in the "Ellada Avrio" newspaper on Friday, the far-left SYRIZA party is ahead (or between 27% and 33%), New Democracy is second (or 25% and  30.8%) while the Golden Dawn party is now comfortably sitting in third position with 12%, permanently knocking out the PASOK party which is currently on free fall, or 7%. New Democracy is still leading the pack, while SYRIZA is close behind. The results are expected, since most Greek citizens are displeased with the choices made by the government which is struggling to finalize 13.5 billion euros ($17 billion) of cuts demanded by international creditors. With the savings plan expected to be announced in several weeks, protests to proposed cuts to pensions and public servant's salaries are picking up.

From Hellas Frappe

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