Sunday, 2 September 2012

The best beaches in Greece. Envy, Hawaii!

Two stunning beaches of Crete (, one in the north-western and one in the south-western part, impress with their waters and landscape. Balos is in the northern end of the Gramvousa peninsula. You can get there by boat from Kissamos or by car along a country road. Finally, you leave the car and walk on foot for a while. Once you see the beach, you will forget about everything - warm sea with crystal clear waters and fine sand reminiscent of a beach on an exotic island in the Caribbean.
Elafonisi is located in the south-western part of the province of Chania, after Panaia Hrisoskalitisa. After a 100 metre walk in shallow sea, you will reach the beautiful beach of Elafonisi and its spectacular beaches, with transparent clean waters covered with sand lilies.
Kleftiko, Gerakas, Tsigrado (Milos Island)

Milos Island ( enjoys many beaches, all diverse and very beautiful. Two of the perhaps most beautiful ones are Kleftiko and Gerakas, which can be reached by boats, offering a tour round the island, or by private yacht. A typical rock in the sea and a cave with two entrances give Kleftiko its unique appearance, and Gerakas is a beautiful beach with the white rock and the green sea waters.
The famous Tsigrado is a small beach in the southern part of the island, next to the beach of Fyriplaka, with white sand and beautiful blue waters, which is well known for its unique waters and for the difficult access to it.
Lia (Mykonos Island)

Mykonos Island ( may be famous in the whole world, but its beaches are its biggest advantage. The beach of Lia is a marvellous, organized beach, with umbrellas and sun-beds in the south-eastern part of the island, and one of the least visited. The water is crystal clear and the sand is fine, and rocks surround the beach on both sides.
Seychelles (Ikaria Island)

If you like the tranquillity of exotic beaches, then the island of Ikaria ( is your island, and Seychelles - your beach. It is located in a small bay, 25 kilometres southwest of Agios Kirykos. There is a small cave, and the sea is full of underwater caves. Its water is crystal clear and the sea bottom is amazing. The beach can be reached only through a small path which goes down from the main road and along the riverbed.
Ammouliani - Kavourotripes (Halkidiki)

Halkidiki ( is the summer paradise of northern Greece, offering a number of beautiful beaches. The only inhabited island there – Ammouliani - enchants every visitor. There is a regular ferry connection to Trypiti. The island is an idyllic blend of fine, golden sand, blue-green sea, vegetation and large rocks.
Kavourotripes on Sithonia is quite a visited beach, but it enjoys white sand and rocks, together with turquoise sea and a captivating landscape. The engraved famous gorgon is charming.
Lalariya (Skiathos Island)

The famous beach of Lalariya (, with its known round pebbles, is located in the north-eastern shore of the island. It is named after the snow-white, almost round pebbles, which are called "lalariya" in local dialect and have been formed over millions of years from waves breaking with great force on the white cliffs of this steep and inaccessible shore. The beach cannot be reached by land and is not organized, and when a north wind is blowing, it is inaccessible.

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