Monday, 3 September 2012

End at the end of the tunnel?

From THE Greek Australian news paper:" The Greek Herald "

c/o Emmanuel Lambrakis, MD/FACS
32-76 31st Street Astoria,
New York 11106 (718) 545-7979 June 28, 2012
President Republic of Cyprus
Demetris Christofias
Your excellency Mr. President:
On behalf of our organization, END, this communication is intended to bring to your attention the purpose of our creation and our humanitarian goals as they apply to Cyprus and Greece . END has been created in an effort to take all reasonable measures necessary to eliminate the national debts of  Cyprus and Greece . As a result of our very generous benefactor, Mr. Artemios Sorras we have acquired sufficient assets to beneficially alter the financial futures of both Cyprus and Greece . We have most recently discussed our intentions in more detail with Consul General of Cyprus to New York Koula Sofianou, an outstanding public servant and a star Diplomat. Despite the IMF’s
involvement and the implementation of the “bail out mechanism” of the EU, Greece is currently experiencing stagnating record levels of poverty, unemployment, national disgrace and the possible loss of sovereign.
From this example, we are committed not to allow the same to befall on our beloved Cyprus . Our timing to reach out to you has been carefully planned. This Sunday, July 1, Cyprus will undertake the presidency of the EU. As such we believe that there is a great possibility that Cyprus will suffer frequent negative commendation if not clear humiliation resulting to the same fate of Greece if it falls under the IMF umbrella.
To avoid this, Mr. Sorras through our organization is prepared to loan Cyprus the sum of Eleven Billion ($11,000,000,000.00) Dollars, interest free for ten years. This loan would relieve Cyprus of all financial burden, allow a long term growth period and foster nationwide hope and prosperity. The loan will be in the form of US Treasury Bonds that can be easily monetized . Upon monetization of the bonds Cyprus would repay one billion dollars to Mr. Sorras and continue interest free payments thereafter for the balance of ten billion over the next ten years. If a longer repayment period is requested that is negotiable. We have a similar plan to loan Greece for three hundred billion dollars interest
free, but we anticipate many complications due to IMF and EU involvement. The loan to Cyprus will be simple and untainted.   Cyprus and Greece can and will be freed from all financial burden so that both countries
may prosper together and relight the beacon of Hellenism for the world to see again!
Respectfully yours,

PS. Cyprus denied the offer.

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