Wednesday, 29 August 2012

State of emergency on the Island of Rhodes and smaller fires throughout Greece

  From GRReporter

Fires in Greece continue, the largest outbreaks being on the islands of Rhodes, Hydra, Zakynthos, and Crete near Chania. A fire in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has crossed the border and spread to Florina. 30 firemen are trying to extinguish the flames. A large forest fire broke out in the area of ​​Neo Voutza - Attica at about 7 pm on Tuesday and 40 firemen with 19 fire engines and 20 men from the land forces are fighting it. The fire approached the populated areas of Rafina and Pikernios but did not spread to the houses due to the help of volunteers.

A state of emergency has been declared on Rhodes after the fire began spreading in forest areas between St. Silas and the Valley of Butterflies. Authorities reported that there had been four attempts for arson in the same area of the island in the past few days. 94 firemen, some of whom from Athens, 33 fire engines, 67 people from the land forces, 3 special planes and a helicopter are fighting the blaze. Strong winds are seriously hampering the efforts to bring the fire under control. More than two thousand hectares of forest area supposedly burned for the time being.
Grass and shrubs on Crete near Chania and around the villages of Lacon, Omalos and Karanos have been set on fire but there is no risk for populated areas. 10 firemen, 2 squads of the land forces and 5 fire engines are on the scene. A fire broke out on the island of Zakynthos near Keri again and 10 firemen with 5 fire engines and 2 fire-fighting planes are fighting it. The fire on the island of Hydra is spreading quickly and 17 firemen are fighting it with three fire engines and two specialized aircraft.

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