Saturday, 4 August 2012

Greek-American Teenager and Friend Save Elderly Woman From Death

14-year-old Luke Kyriazis (right) and friend Mark Misfud
The Glen Rock Police of New Jersey named the 14-year-old Greek-American Luke Kyriazis and his friend Mark Misfud “heroes” for saving the 81-year-old Elizabeth DeFusco from drowning inside her trapped car.
The two boys were on their way to visit a friend last Saturday in Glen Rock, when they saw a trapped Honda amidst rising waters under an overpass. The heavy storm earlier had turned the streets into a lake, but the two teenagers did not think twice before coming to the rescue of the elderly woman trapped inside her car.
According to the local police forces, the woman would have never made it alone out of the car due to the huge water pressure. The two boys were praised for their bravery and selflessness and DeFusco thanked them from the bottoms of her heart for saving her from a certain death.
The young Kyriazis told E-Kirikas agency that he and his friends did only what everyone else would have done had they been in their position. The incident made Luke’s family extremely proud of their son and grandson. “Luke was raised with the virtues and values of the Greeks, so it makes perfect sense that he did not think of his own safety when somebody’s else was in danger,” said grandfather Antonios Kyriazis.

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