Friday, 10 August 2012

Greece Breaks New Record. In …Unemployment!

Greece Breaks New Record. In …Unemployment!
Unemployment successfully managed to break a new record and climbed up to 23.1% in May 2012. According to Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT), unemployment in May 2012 rose to 23.1% from 22.6% a month earlier. In comparison unemployment was 16.8% in May 2011. The total number of jobless Greeks is 1,147,372 men and women.
In comparison to May 2011, the number of unemployed increased by 311,041 people. Which translates into “some 1,000 people lose their job on a daily basis”…
Among the youth up to 25 years old, unemployment climbed at 54.9% (from 41.5% in May 2011). In age group 25-34, unemployment reached 31.6%.
Among the several regions, Thessalia-Sterea Ellada lead with 35.8%, Ipirus-Macedonia with 24.9%, Macedonia-Thrace with 24.6% and Attica with 22.5%.
Women are mostly hit with 26.8%. Unemployment among men is at 20.3%.
Among the Euro zone member countries, Spain leads the Top 10 with 24.6%.

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