Sunday, 26 August 2012

’300′ Sequel To Be Released In 2013 But Without Gerard Butler

The makers of the movie hit "300" are planning to release a sequel in 2013 titled "300: The Battle of Artemisia" which is set to star Eva Green and Rodrigo Santorio. The plot is expected to revolve around the invasion fought by the Greek city-state alliance as the Persian Empire moved in during 480 BC. It is also going to look into how Persian leader Xerxes managed to become the God King, and is also to feature the epic battle with Artemesia (played by Green) and Themistocles. Finally it is also set to include a storyline on the legendary Battle of Salamis, which took place when the Persians occupied Athens. Unfortunately for women all over the world the sequel is not going to feature sexy Gerard Butler. The actor made the announcement on an

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