Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Two Greek Students Win Contest, VIP Guests at NASA

Nikos Koukoufilippas and Ioanna Kourkoulou are two Greek students who managed to enjoy a trip to NASA facilities in Alabama, USA. Both Greek students excelled in an astrophysics and astronomy competition and won nine days with NASA scientists.
The two young students had the chance to attend classes, where they received lessons from some of the world’s best astrophysicists and astronauts. They also tried some flight simulators to realize how astronauts feel while in space.
“What I liked most was the scuba diving lessons,” said Nick Koukoufilippas. “There was a swimming pool 7.5 metres deep and we dove along with appropriate equipment underwater. We did several exercises, and it felt like we were on the Moon,” added Nick fascinated by this experience.
The two Greek students returned to Greece on Saturday and commented that they feel ready enough to try harder to fulfill their dream to work for NASA.
(Source: Newsbeast)

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