Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tourism Minister Kefalogianni Holds a Series of Meetings with Foreign Ambassadors

New Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni on Monday continued a series of meetings with foreign ambassadors in order to discuss ways for improving the image of Greek tourism and boosting last-minute bookings in a bid to offset losses in tourist traffic during the present year. The new cabinet has received strict orders to enable the country’s economy to recover as soon as possible, noting the key role of the tourism sector plays in Greece’s finances.
Kefalogianni held talks with Israel’s ambassador in Athens Aryeh Mekel on Monday, while in previous days she had meetings with German Ambassador Wolfgang Dold, UK Ambassador Dr. David Landsman, Chinese Ambassador Du Qiwen and Australian Ambassador Jenny Bloomfield.

Mrs Bloomfield and Minister Kefalogianni agreed that the large and vibrant Greek-Australian communities in both countries were an important link and presented significant opportunities for closer cooperation to promote the tourism sector in both countries.
The minister outlined the main directions of the ministry’s policy on tourism and the priorities and targets set on a short- and long-term basis, with emphasis on thematic units that will enrich the country’s tourism product, upgrade the level of service, and help extend the tourist season.
Special emphasis was given to boosting tourism traffic within Athens, which had fallen greatly in recent years due to factors outside the tourism sector resulting in many tourist facilities shutting down and many lay offs as well.

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