Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rich, famous and defendants flooded the Greek islands

Summer came and, in crisis or not, Greece remains a favourite place for relaxation to natives and foreigners. A galaxy of Hollywood stars, celebrities and businessmen rushed to the Mediterranean islands to forget about their everyday worries for a moment. Among them is also the former banker and a current defendant in 15 cases for fraud, money laundering and other criminal acts, Lavrentis Lavrentiadis. A week ago he was admitted to the private Metropolitan Hospital in the capital city with unclear diagnosis. According to rumours, it could have been a stroke or another serious illnesses, caused by the businessman's legal woes.
Despite the alarm, it seems that he is in a very good condition, because just four days later Lavrentiadis and his family were spotted at the forefront rows of the summer comedy play "Jenny, Jenny" on the island of Spetses. The programme of the businessman included not only beach and cultural entertainment, but also an attempt for a carriage ride through the picturesque streets of the beautiful island. According to the information from To Vima newspaper, the carriage ride has failed because of a small quarrel between the coachman and the businessman's bodyguards.

A series of judicial investigations and charges of hundreds of millions euros are hanging over Lavrentiadis's head, like the Sword of Damocles. The most recent came last week, from seven banks - six Greek and a foreign one. National Bank of Greece, Emporiki, Piraeus, Millenium, Geniki and Hellenic Bank, as well as HSBC brought an accusation against former banker for fraud, manipulation, money laundering and retaining of important information, after Lavrentiadis falsified the balance sheets of "Neochimiki" in order to get a loan worth 450 million euro. After the court didn't lift the ban on Lavrentiadis to travel abroad in June this year, he had to be satisfied with a vacation on the Greek islands.
The island of winds and permanent entertainment this year attracted again some of the most popular names in the world. Along with John Travolta and his wife Kate Preston, Linda Evangelista also dipped in the exotic beauty of the Cycladic island. According to locals, Linda Evangelista has not visited any of the trendy bars of Mykonos, but she has bought souvenirs for herself and for friends in the small shops in the area. Most of the holiday she has spent on her boyfriend's yacht, and while walking around the streets of the island, she has always been accompanied by 10 bodyguards, says Kykladesnews. John Travolta and his wife were also on the island and their program included, in addition to the sun and good food, yacht cruises, too. This week they travelled to Athens and visited The Acropolis Museum, where, according informed sources, they have spent nearly four hours. Robert De Niro also accompanied them, and their hostess was the heiress of millions Marianna Latsis.
In Mykonos, there was no shortage of local celebrities as well, such as singer Anna Vissi, national footballer Georgios Samaras with his new girlfriend - the TV hostess Katerina Kenourgiou. The granddaughter of legendary Greek Aristotle Onassis, Athina, also visited the island by boat full of friends. According to Greek media, she has got off the luxury yacht on the island only once, to visit the famous jewellery shop in the city centre in the early hours of the day. She has a particular affinity for elegant jewellery, inherited from her mother Christina. Besides Mykonos, she has visited Kerkira (Corfu) and her private island, heritage from her grandfather, Skorpios.

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