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No Need for Prison Break: Athens Prison Got a Swimming Pool and a BBQ

No Need for Prison Break: Athens Prison Got a Swimming Pool and a BBQ
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Why bother with a prison break if a Greek VIP ‘resides’ in Korydallos prison in Athens? Comfort is available: a swimming pool and a BBQ… In an exclusive story, Sunday newspaper Proto Thema, exposes how a ‘drinker for animals and birds’ turned into a swimming pool  – 4m. wide and 8m. long -, while a built-in BBQ just a few steps away can give the exclusive detainee a sense of spending vacation in some all-inclusive hotel. A sense of freedom is eventually offered by the BBQ-chimney that exceeds the prison fence.

THE Pool…
It seems incredible, but it is absolutely true.
“With the approval of the prison administration, the volunteer work of prisoners and public money  the project, the project named “construction of drinker for animals and birds” mutated into a nice swimming pool, for few VIP prisoners.”
A stone covered path leads to the pool which is covered with tiles, has different depth levels and water purification system of the latest technology.
“The pool that is 4 m. wide and 8 m. long has three levels: a shallow (depth 1 meter), one medium (depth 1.5 m) and one deep (2 m depth). The initiators of the pool, however, show in most characteristic way that even prisons can offer a delicate taste and a feeling for luxury. So, for an even aesthetic impact, an overflow waterfall has been built  for the recycling of water. It crosses a river stone and ends in a small pond on one side of the pool. A lighting system has been installed as well, apparently to facilitate night dives”
…When Athens nights are hot and humid in summer…

The construction works started a year ago by 20 prisoners who volunteered to dig the dirty soil of the prison yard of soil at a depth of 2 meters.
The “workers” redeemed their volunteer work with some benefits.
The Korydallos “Resort & Spa” was constructed in the back yard of the psychiatric prison section.
The total construction cost is estimated at 35,000 euro, if with a building permit. Without a contruction permit -which is more likely -, the cost drops down to  25,000 euros.
The construction led to two escapes as two of the “volunteers” used the digging debris to create a ramp and flee over the prison wall…
Immortal Greek spirit!
I wonder who pays the taxes for the the swimming pool maintenance.
PS What is I see missing here is fresh green lawn, sun umbrellas and sunbeds. But then it could be Korydallos “Grand Resort & Spa”. And it is not. At least, not yet.

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