Saturday, 7 July 2012

Low-Cost Smartphone… Made in Greece

The Greek company MLS has made efforts to enter the international mobile phone market and as a result has decided to launch the first ever made in Greece smartphone, the MLS iQTalk™.
The device combines voice recognition (Talk) and artificial intelligence (IQ) technologies. The Greek firm MLS started developing such technologies several years ago and consequently put them together in one device.  In simple words, this MSL smartphone uses an Android operating system that “understands” and “talks” in the Greek language.
More details on the functions of the MLS iQTalk will be announced by the firm itself when the Greek smartphone be available on Greek market in the following days.
What about its price, you wonder? It will cost 249.90 euros including taxes and will be available at Greek mobile phone stores.
MLS CEO Ioannis Kamatakis commented that people of the company are really excited and proud of this development and marked this first Greek mobile phone as an “extremely interesting innovation.” ”Our goal was for all Greeks that acquire it to enjoy an entirely new level of communication with the iQTalk and at a reasonable price,” he added.
MLS is a Thessaloniki-based firm which is rapidly increasing its profit. Despite the smartphone’s “Greekness,” it will be produced in China in specialized factories.

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