Wednesday, 25 July 2012

London Mayor’s Greek Olympic Ode Features Bolt

London Mayor Boris Johnson
London Mayor Boris Johnson won cheers from Olympic officials after reading out a specially composed ode in ancient Greek, complete with references to athletes like Usain Bolt, at a gala ahead of the Games.
At Monday’s event, Johnson declaimed in Greek the poem specially written by Dr Armand D’Angour of Oxford University, which includes hidden references to Usain Bolt — described as “the lightning bolt around the track” — and British athletes including diver Tom Daley and long-distance runner Mo Farah.
He then read out the poem in English, which concludes: “Now welcome to this seagirt land, / with London?s Mayor and co. at hand / good luck to all who strive to win: / applaud and let the Games begin!”
It even contains a reference to Johnson himself, as a pun on the word “barus” meaning “weighty”.
The poem, written in the style of the lyric poet Pindar of the fifth century BC, is to be engraved on a bronze plaque that will be placed in the Olympic park.

‘I hope that these Odes will help to raise the profile of the Classics, which is an endlessly fascinating and inspiring subject,” poet D’Angour said in a statement.
“‘Writing an Ode for the Games revives a musical and poetic tradition from ancient Greece, where Odes were commissioned to celebrate athletic winners at the Games.”
The poem proved a surprise hit with International Olympic Committee members from around the world ahead of the Games’ opening ceremony on Friday.
Princess Anne and IOC president Jacques Rogge also spoke at the event at the Royal Opera House, with Rogge paying tribute to London’s past Olympics in 1908 and 1948.
(source: AFP)

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