Sunday, 8 July 2012

London Bus is Traveling to UK to Promote Corfu Abroad

A traditional London double decker began its trip last Friday from Corfu to London. The red bus, covered in Corfiot posters will travel to the UK to promote the island’s culture abroad.
As is obvious, tourists as well as locals were gathered at Spianada Square on Corfu to take pictures of this impressive scene.
Corfiot musicians meandered around the bus singing traditional songs. They were dressed up in their local costumes and their melodic voices attracted many positive comments.
The double decker will tour the island’s most famous regions before embarking on its trip to London. This is only one part of the  Municipality of Corfu’s initiative to promote the island to the British capital. More specifically, Corfiot representatives have organized a full programme of events in London on July 9-11 to remind tourists that this island could offer them an amazing vacation.
Due to the Olympic Games, London is full of tourists at the current time and thus, even more visitors will be informed about Corfu’s natural beauty, culture, gastronomic variety and crystal blue beaches!

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