Saturday, 21 July 2012

“Immortal Gods of Greece” Exhibition Hosted by Munich-based Museum

From July 20 2012 through July 07 2013, the Museum of antiquities collection in Munich will be hosting the “Immortal Gods of Greece” exhibition.
This almost one-year-round exhibition will show several artifacts of ancient Greece, all focused and inspired by Mount Olympus’ 12 Gods as well other, less known gods of ancient Greece. The exhibition will shed some light to the ancient Greeks’ relationship with such Gods but also these divine creatures’ impact on the country’s religion and politics.
The “Immortal Gods of Greece” exhibition will present several significant and interesting issues on god worship in ancient Greece. Furthermore, visitors will also realize how ancient temples and altars were constructed, what was the Greeks’ view on death and immortality and watch how such these ‘immortal’ gods became finally ‘mortal’ and modern Greeks ended up not believing in them.
The inauguration ceremony took place in Munich’s Koenigsplatz Square, where two museums are built according to ancient Greek architectural style.  Director of the Museum Florian Knaus narrated some popular stories based on the ancient Greek gods’ life while Dr Wolfgang Heubish, the Minister for Science, Research and Art of the Free State of Bavaria delivered also a brief speech.

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