Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hairdresser from Corfu Sends Complaint Email to EU Commissioner Olli Rehn and He Replies

This is an everyday story which is making us laugh but also shows that Greek people are unable to deal with taxes, bureaucracy, financial problems, cuts in wages and many more already well-heard of complaints stemming from the financial crisis.
In this case, a hairdresser from the island of Corfu confirmed the rumor that has that Ionian islanders are a bit crazy- not in a negative way, however.  The man of our story intended to establish his own hairdressing business but soon realized that Greek bureaucracy prevents people from entering into this professional sector.
After day-long talks and arguments with officials of local public services on Corfu, he got mad and decided to stand up for his rights in more aggressive ways. He sent emails to all Greek public services and ministries. No Greek authority, as is typical in Greece, answered his electronic letter and as a result, he decided to send his complaints to European Commissioner Olli Rehn.
To his surprise, after a few days, the European commissioner replied. He told the hairdresser that he will try to shed light on the issue of the difficulty for Greek entrepreneurs to enter into certain closed professions, such as the hair dressing business.

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