Monday, 16 July 2012

German Bookings to Greece Have Increased, At Last!

German media has been used to writing and broadcasting all sorts of negativity about Greece during the past few months, so that many tourists cancelled or did not choose Greece for their summer vacation. In mid July, however, German tourists appear to be booking flights and accommodation to Greece in an effort to spend their summer in our Mediterranean homeland once again.
After the June 17 election, more and more German people, both families and youth, have booked their summer vacation on Greek islands, according to Peter Fankhauser, Chief Executive Officer for the tour operator Thomas Cook. At the same time, the German press has also stopped publishing derogatory reports about Greece.
“Reservations are conforming with reports,” says Mr Fankhauser. “If reports are negative, then bookings are decreasing. But when there are no reports, reservations have increased again,” he told to Reuters.

Tour agents and airline companies stress the fact that less than one third of German tourists have chosen Greece for their vacation this summer. The most probable reason for this fall is, of course, the negative climate in Greece due to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s strict policy towards the country.
Despite the country’s financial and political situation, everyone in Greece is well aware that German tourists definitely give a boost to tourism, reports . Businessmen in the tourist sector are now partly relieved for this change.

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