Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Former FYROM PM - Our History Is Fake (VIDEO)

Some of the largest biggest falsifications in the history of the Balkans have been formulated by the Slavs of FYROM, says the leader of VMRO-People's Party in Skopje and former prime minister of FYROM Ljubco Georgievski in his book "That I am."
According to his book, White House policy makers who wanted Kosovo in NATO were involved in the Kosovo war. And he notes that former general secretary of the US State Department, Mrs. Madeleine K.Albright,had asked Skopje officials to take part in the attack against Serbia, even if it meant using ground forces.
His book also makes reference to a discussion with the former Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Djindjic where the subject involved land exchanges between the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, while the same issue was also discussed with the former leader of the the Albanian party in FYROM Armpen Xhaferi.

The FYROM media has however totally slammed the book as well as Georgievski's revelations. In fact the media totally despises Georgievski. The above video is one such example. In the video Georgievski states that FYROManians only have 100 years of history and should be satisfied with it, while they shouldn't steal the history of the Greeks, Bulgarians, and Albanians. He describes FYROM as the one of the newest Balkan states and he speaks about the falsifications that have been written in FYROM school books about the country's history. Interestingly  the reporter totally attacks and belittles him for his views, but the former FYROM PM fights back by attacking the "antiquization" policy of (FYROM PM)  Gruevski.

Ljubco Georgievski has publicly stated that Alexander the Great is Greek, but this was of course... highly ignored. He underlines that Gruevski is attempting to rewrite Greek history and notes that "this history about Ancient Macedonia which they want to impose on us today as a state policy, is a caricature of history, because it is about unrelated events. Our people are bombarded daily with lies, misinformation, documentaries where we see that Greece's history has became our history and it is presented as being one in the same. For me it is obvious that there is a clear distinction of the so-called ancient history of Macedonia and that of Slavic History. I still defend the thesis that we can rely on our Slavic Identity, our spiritual creators like St Cyrillos and Methodios, St Clemes and St Naum. This is our history."

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