Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ferrari Driver Fernando Alonso Drives Germans Mad with His Greek-Designed Car

The Spanish Formula 1 pilot made Germans really-really mad with his victory, and dare I say with his witty comments–Fernando Alonso!
The statements of the driver of Ferrari, Fernando Alonso, who after winning at Hockenheim declared their satisfaction at the podium by having won the Grand Prize of Germany as a Spaniard race car driver, an Italian car designed by a Greek, are all over the Italian and German press.
While he was interviewed by Niki Lauda, Fernando said, “I do not understand politics, but it’s true … In Spain the situation is fine, but a Spanish with an Italian car, designed by a Greek winning in Germany is very good.”
“Poor German, seems that the fashion of the moment is to make them pay for their economic superiority in all fields of the sport,” sentencing the generalist newspaper Corriere della Sera, which like the rest of the press picks up the ironic declarations of the Asturian pilot. We have to admit that it was actually a funny comment and had no intention of harming anyone’s feelings.
The Milanese Rotary also highlights the “strongest pilot” of the world, whose technical “sensitivity” and“tactical intelligence” starred in Germany the “perfect day”.

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