Saturday, 14 July 2012

Desperate Mother Calls On British Tourists to Contact Her If They Meet Her ‘Missing’ Son Taken to Corfu by Ex-Husband

Emma Lignum with son Yiannis
Emma Lignum from Rochdale has not seen her son, Yiannis, since May when she agreed to separate with her Greek husband. But the father, coming from Corfu, decided to take his son with him to the island without asking his ex-wife. Since that time, the British woman has been searching for them both but to no avail.
Miss Lignum, aged 26, says that she does not communicate with her son. “I don’t know if he’s alive and well,” she adds.
The ex-couple first met each other while Mr Achilles Mouzakitis was working in Greece as a travel representative for a British tour company. Lignum moved to Athens in 2007, where she also gave birth to their son.
But things did not go well, it appears. Miss Lignum was planning to return to the UK with her son following a custody hearing scheduled for October, as reports the Daily Mail newspaper.

Young Yiannis stayed a night with his father, but Mr Mouzakitis brought him to the hotel where Miss Lignum was staying, saying that their son was not feeling well. Father and son left after a while and the couple arranged a meeting the following day, so that the British mother would fly to the UK along with their son. But the man did not appear as agreed.
Miss Lignum then called Mouzakitis, and he told her that he was in Corfu. After this last phone call, he changed his mobile phone number. A few weeks later, she flew to Corfu but did not manage to find them.
Now, Miss Lignum is making appeals to British tourists visiting Corfu to contact her if they trace little Yiannis on the island via her Facebook page because, due to lack of money, she has to return to the UK.

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