Wednesday, 4 July 2012

British PM David Cameron Warns Greeks Won’t be Allowed to Flee to England in Grexit Case

Who wants to go to England?

The British government is apparently preparing for the probability of Greece’s Euro exit and even worse, for the unlikely scenario of a massive influx of Greek economic refugees into the UK. The latest statements of the British PM David Cameron indicate that Britain hasn’t forgotten the Grexit possibility and that large efforts are being undertaken to prevent Greeks from “flooding” the strong EU country.
David Cameron is in fact prepared to override Britain’s historic obligations under EU treaties and impose tighter border controls that would block Greek citizens from entering the UK, in case Greece is forced out of the single currency.

He told UK MPs that ministers have examined legal powers that would allow Britain to deprive Greek citizens of their right to free movement across the EU, if the eurozone crisis leads to “stresses and strains.”  In an appearance before senior MPs on the cross-party House of Commons liaison committee, Cameron confirmed that ministers have drawn up contingency plans for “all sorts of different eventualities”, reports The Guardian.
“I would be prepared to do whatever it takes,” he stated, “to keep our country safe, to keep our banking system strong, to keep our economy robust. At the end of the day, as prime minister, that is your first and foremost duty.”
“I hope it wouldn’t come to that,” he added. “But, as I understand it, the legal powers are available if there are particular stresses and strains. You have to plan, you have to have contingencies, you have to be ready for anything – there is so much uncertainty in our world. But I hope those things don’t become necessary.”
This is not the first time that the UK appears to arrogantly examine worst case scenarios that insult Greece and its EUROPEAN citizens. Theresa May, the British home secretary, confirmed last month that the UK government was examining contingency plans in an effort to prevent Greeks from massively migrating to the UK after a possible economic collapse of the country.

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