Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Young Woman Attempts Suicide Jumping Overbroad from Ferry

A 24-year-old woman traveling on the Knossos Palace ferry from Piraeus to Iraklio, Crete, told the coast guard that she jumped off the ferry into the sea as it was in mid-route.
The young woman told the coast guard that she decided to throw herself into the sea in the early hours of Tuesday, when the ferry was 6.7 nautical miles off the coast of Mylos in the southern Aegean.
After being notified of the incident, the captain of the Knossos Palace sounded the alarm and notified nearby vessels and the coast guard.
The young woman was rescued shortly after by a passing yacht and handed over to the coast guard.
She did not explain the reasons that forced her to attempt suicide, but she insisted that no one else is to blame. Suicide attempts have become more frequent especially in Greek youth since the advent of the crisis.

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