Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tsipras: “Terrorize” the Terrorists…

Tsipras: “Terrorize” the Terrorists……of prime time – 8 o’clock - news!” That was an unpleasant surprise for the Greek television channels broadcasting live from Omonia Square where Alexis Tsipras was speaking to several thousands SYRIZA supporters. During the main open elections rally of left-wing SYRIZA in Omonia Square in downtown Athens, Alexis Tsipras sent a sharp message to all pro-bailout television channels in Greece:
Terrorize those who terrorize the citizens every evening at 8 o’clock news,” Tsipras said before a chanting crowd.
Independently from what Greeks vote, they have been permanently “terrorized” during the last two years with the Memorandum of Understanding praised as ‘the only alternative to Greece’s bankruptcy’ and the pro-bailout parties as the only ‘option to save Greece from a Euro exit and a return to Drachma’.

In Omonia, Tsipras reitarated that the electons dilemma is “pro-bailout government ND-PASOK or progressive anti-bailout government.”
Attacking the parties that governed Greece for more than three decades, Tsipras said about his party candidates “We are not on the lists of Christoforakos [SIEMENS scandal, representative in Greece who gave bribes], we were not and are not SIEMENS boarders. We have not equated the MoU with the Euro.

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